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Congratulations to Garry Elswood and John

Smetcoren on becoming the 2015 Flanders

International Rally Challenge – 2WD


Good luck for 2016!

Dec 2015

                                              6th & 7th August 2016

                         Garry and his new navigator Evy Vangheluwe won

                         their class in the Les Boucles Chevrotines Rally.

The Hemicuda Rally was not the best event for Garry & Evy,

early on they experienced fuel pressure problems which

dropped them back down the field, but once that problem had

been sorted, they fought their way back up the leader board to

finish 3rd in class. They are in 2nd place in the championship

and stand a good chance of re taking the top spot.

8th & 9th October 2016